1-Please complete & submit reservation form before 1st reservation (and annually for returning groups):

Reservation Brochure includes Reservation Form (.pdf)

Reservation Form must be submitted and approved prior to the first time your group plans a meeting.
Future bookings for the same group may be done by phone, but a Reservation Form is required for each request (multiple dates may be listed on Reservation Form).


Our Community Meets at the Palmer Public Library
A Guide to Meeting Rooms Available at Our Library

Preprinted brochures are available at the Circulation desk.

2-Please complete & submit before 1st use of facilities (and annually for returning groups):

Please review & sign Policy for Use of Palmer Public Library Facilities and Statement of Responsibility Form prior to your first use
of meeting space.
Statement of Responsibility Forms will be kept on file until the next calendar year. All groups will then be asked to review the policy and sign again.

Notice- New policy and forms effective 4/6/2011