IBM 1120/1125
IBM 1130/40
IBM 1332
IBM 1352/72
IBM 28P2008
IBM 28P2009
IBM 28P2492
IBM 28P2494M
IBM 53P7706 (IBM 1222)
IBM 63H2401
IBM 63H3005 (IBM4312)
IBM 75P4303
IBM 75P4479
IBM 75P6959 (IBM 1532/52/72)
Ibm 75P6961
IBM 90H0748
IBM IBM 1412, 75P5759
IBM Infoprint 20

Lexmark 08A0477 (E320)
Lexmark 08A0478 (E322)
Lexmark 10S0150 (E210)
Lexmark 12015SA/35SA
Lexmark 12A0725
Lexmark 12A0825
Lexmark 12A5745 (Optra T)
Lexmark 12A5840 (Optra T)
Lexmark 12A5845 (Optra T)
Lexmark 12A6730 (T520)
Lexmark 12A6735 (T520)
Lexmark 12A6739 (T520)
Lexmark 12A6760 (T620)
Lexmark 12A6765 (T620)
Lexmark 12A6830 (T520)
Lexmark 12A6835 (T520)
Lexmark 12A6839 (T520)
Lexmark 12A6860 (T620)
Lexmark 12A6865 (T620)
Lexmark 12A7300/05 (E321)
Lexmark 12A7360/62 (T630)
Lexmark 12A7400/05 (E323)
Lexmark 12A7410A (T420)
Lexmark 12A7415A (T420)
Lexmark 12A7462/60 (T630)
Lexmark 12A7465 (T630 HY)
Lexmark 12A7468 (T630)
Lexmark 12A7469 (T630 HY)
Lexmark 12A8420
Lexmark 12A8425
Lexmark 12S0400 (E220)
Lexmark 1380200
Lexmark 1380520
Lexmark 1380850
Lexmark 1380950
Lexmark 1382100
Lexmark 1382150
Lexmark 1382625
Lexmark 1382920
Lexmark 1382925
Lexmark 1382929
Lexmark 1383522
Lexmark 13T0101 (E310)
Lexmark 13T0301 (E312)
Lexmark 64004HA (T640/642/644)
Lexmark 64015HA (T640/642/644)
Lexmark 64015SA (T640/642/644)
Lexmark 64035HA (T640/642/644)
Lexmark 64035SA (T640/642/644)
Lexmark 69G8256 (Optra E)
Lexmark E120
Lexmark E230/232/234/240, 12A8400/8302
Lexmark E330/332, 12A8305/8405
Lexmark Optra T 630/632
Lexmark Optra W820
Lexmark T430
LEXMARK X215 18S0090

Muratech TS 40360
Muratech TS 41200

NEC 20080(870)
NEC 20-122 (870)

Panasonic UG-3309
Panasonic UG-3313
Panasonic UG-3350
Panasonic UG-5510
Panasonic UG-5520
Panasonic UG-5530
Panasonic UG-5540
Pitney Bowes PB9700 (XP5/10)
Pitney-Bowes 1630
Pitney-Bowes 9800
Pitney-Bowes 9900

QMS QMS 3260

Ricoh 339479 (Type 150)
Ricoh 430208
Ricoh 5110
Ricoh TYPE 1130/1135

Samsung ML 1210 D3
Samsung ML 1650 D8
Samsung ML 1710D3
Samsung ML 4500 D3
Samsung ML 6060 D6/D3
Samsung ML1610
Samsung ML2010
Samsung ML2150
Samsung ML2250D5
Samsung ML2550
Samsung SCX4016
Samsung SCX4216
Samsung UG3204 (XP5/10)

Sharp AL 160 TD
Sharp AL100 DR
Sharp AL100 TD
Sharp AR 150TD
Sharp AR 200 TD
Sharp FO45DR
Sharp FO47DR
Sharp FO47ND

Xerox 106R00687
Xerox 106R00688
Xerox 108R00092
Xerox 113R00095
Xerox 113R00173
Xerox 113R00195
Xerox 113R161
Xerox 113R657
Xerox 13R00092 (IBM4312)
Xerox 13R013
XEROX 13R573
Xerox 13R74
Xerox 13R9
Xerox 4500
Xerox 6R914
Xerox N-24/32/40
Xerox XD100 DR
Xerox XD100 TD

Recycle your TONER Cartridges at the Palmer Public Library

Toner cartridges from the following manufacturers Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Muratech, NEC, Panasonic, Pitney-Bowes, QMS, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp and Xerox may be dropped at the Library for recycling.
Thank you.

Manufacturer /Part Numbers

Apple Apple 360 (XP5/10)
Apple M1960G/A (XP5/10)
Apple M2045G/A (PX)
Apple M4683G/A (IBM4312)
Apple M5893G/A

Brother DR 400
Brother DR 500
Brother DR350
Brother TN 530
Brother TN 540
Brother TN 560
Brother TN 570
Brother TN 660
Brother TN350
Brother TN-430
Brother TN-460
Brother TN550/580

Canon 106(0264B001AA)
Canon 1491A002AA(E16/20/31/40)
Canon 1556A002BA(FX2)
Canon 1557A002BA (FX3)
Canon 1558A002AA (FX4)
Canon 1559A002AA (FX6)
Canon 6812A001AA (L50)
Canon 7621A001AA (FX7)
Canon 7833A001AA(S35)
Canon 8489A001AA(X25)
Canon 8955A001AA (FX8)
Canon CNND320(S35)
Canon F41-8802-XXX (E16/20/31/40)
Canon H11-6321-XXX (FX2)
Canon H11-6381-XXX (FX3)
Canon H11-6401-XXX (FX4)
Canon H11-6431-XXX(FX6)

DELL 1815DN, 310-7945
Dell 2Y667 (T630)
Dell 310-3674 (S2500)
Dell 310-4131 (M5200)
Dell 310-4132 (M5200)
Dell 310-4133 (M5200)
Dell 310-4134 (M5200)
Dell 310-4549 (W5300)
Dell 310-4572 (W5300)
Dell 310-5417(1600n)
Dell 3546-48 (S2500)
Dell 5210/5310
Dell 7Y608 (E321)
Dell Dell 1700, 310-5400
Dell J9341
Dell J9833
Dell K4671
Dell M2925
Dell P4210
Dell PN H3730 (Dell 1700)

HP 92274A
HP 92291A(NX)
HP 92298A
HP 92298X EP-E
HP C3900A
HP C3903A(VX)
HP C3906A
HP C3909A(WX)
HP C3909A, Old Style(WX)
HP C3909X(WX)
HP C4092A
HP C4096A
HP C4127A
HP C4127X
HP C4129X
HP C4182X
HP C7115A
HP C7115X
HP C8061A
HP C8061X
HP C8543X
HP Q1338A
HP Q1339A
HP Q2612A
HP Q2613X
HP Q2624A
HP Q2624X
HP Q5942X
HP Q5945A
HP Q5945X
HP Q5949A
HP Q5949X
HP Q5950A
HP Q5951A
HP Q5952A
HP Q5953A
HP Q6000A
HP Q6001A
HP Q6002A
HP Q6003A
HP Q6460A
HP Q6461A
HP Q6462A
HP Q6463A
HP Q6470A
HP Q6471A
HP Q6472A
HP Q6473A
HP Q6511A
HP Q6511X
HP Q7516A
HP Q7551A
HP Q7551X
HP Q7553A
HP Q7553X
HP Q7560A
HP Q7561A
HP Q7562A
HP Q7563A
HP Q7581A
HP Q7582A
HP Q7583A
HP R64-4001-XXX (BX)
HP R74-7003-XXX (AX)